[PERIODICAL] Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume
George Bell & Sons 1876
edited by H K F Gatty and J H Ewing, original decorated cloth, spine bumped, illustrated, feintly spotted, all edges gilt, very good. contains ‘The Galoshes of Happiness. A Christmas Extravaganza’ freely adapted from Hans C Andersen by S H Gatty, ‘Elizabeth Carter’ and ‘Sara Coleridge’ by the author of 'Anne and Jane Taylor', ‘The Children of St Nicholas’ story by Esme Stuart, ‘Dandelion Clocks’, ‘Father Hedgehog and His Neighbours’, ‘The Kyrkegrim Turned Preacher’, ‘Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales. 'The Blind Man and the Talking Dog;' 'I Won't', ‘The Princes of Vegetation’, ‘The Snarling Princess’, ‘A Week Spent in a Glass Pond’ ‘Stories and Adventures of an Elf. A Picture Poem for the Little Ones’, ‘Big Smith’, ‘House-Building and Repairs. A Child-Poem’ and ‘An Only Child's Tea Party. A Child-Poem’ poems by J H Ewing;