[JOHNSON Richard]
[JOHNSON Richard]  The Famous History of the Seven Champions of Christendom. St George of England, St Denis of France, St James of Spain, St Anthony of Italy, St Andrew of Scotland, St Patrick of Ireland and St David of Wales
for Ric Chiswell, M Wotton, G Conyers & B Walford 1696 and 1696
shewing their honourable battles by sea and land: their tilts, justs, turnaments for ladies: their combats with gyants, monsters and dragons: their adventures in foreign nations: their enchantments in the Holy Land: their knighthoods, prowess and chivalry in Europe, Africa and Asia; with their victories against the enemies of Christ. Also the true manner and places of their deaths, being seven tragedies: and how they came to be called, The Seven Saints of Christendom. The first part’ bound with ‘The Famous History of the Seven Champions of Christendom likewise shewing the princely prowess, noble atchievements and strange fortune of St George's three sons, the lively sparks of nobility. The combats and turnaments of many valiant knights, the loves of many gallant ladies, the tragedies of mighty potentates. Also, the manner and places of the honourable deaths of the Seven Champions, being so many tragedies; and how they came to be called the Seven Saints of Christendom. The second part’, modern full-leather, raised bands, decorated in gilt, gilt inner dentelles, lightly tanned, all edges red, a handsome copy. this work was issued in three parts: the earliest known copy of the first part is dated 1597; the second part appeared in 1608 and the third in 1616. It continued to appear in numerous forms (singly or in different combinations) until 1872. There is a third part dated 1696 (the last Wing edition). The publishers of parts one and two are identical, the third part is published by John Black. The conclusion, therefore, is that parts one and two, although they can be found singly, were probably issued together as with this copy. Part three seems to have been issued separately; unpaginated