[ANNUAL]  Saratoga
Holiday Number of London Society 1875
modern paper wrappers, illustrated, bound without original wrappers and advertisements, printed double column, very good. contains 'Off to Saratoga' by Henry Blackburn, ‘The Pierced Heart’ by Captain Mayne Reid, ‘Deed for Deed. The Romance of a Holiday’ by W W Fenn, ‘Love finds the Way. A Story’ by Walter Besant and James Rice, 'Scripta Non Missa' by F C Burnand, ‘Co’ by Mary Cecil Hay, ‘A Dream and a Sleep’ by Richard Dowling, ‘Gibraltar to Madrid in the Pigskin’ by E R, ‘Two Heroes of Romance. A Tale of Rivalry’ by R Mounteney Jephson, ‘The Nymph of the Waterfall’ poem by B Montgomerie Ranking and ‘Charades’ by R E Francillon; 94 pages;