READE Charles  Griffith Gaunt or Jealousy
Argosy: A Magazine of Tales, Travels, Essays and Poems 1866 (Midsummer and Christmas)
illustrated serial in two volumes, original decorated cloth, spines bumped, feintly spotted, several leaves frayed at leading edge, joints cracked, good. also contains ‘A Journey Rejourneyed’ in two parts, ‘The Fairy Fleet: An English Mahrchen’, ‘The Sighing of the Shell’ and ‘Port in a Storm’ by George MacDonald, ‘A Hidden Treasure’ by Mrs Oliphant, ‘New Year’s Day at Windsor, 1327: Sir Henry Mallory’s Story’ and ‘Hornby Mills Garden: A Gossip about Gardens’ by Henry Kingsley, ‘The Story of Ernst Christian Schoeffer’ and ‘The Tragedy in the Palazzo Bordello. A Tale in Four Parts’ by Amelia B Edwards, ‘A Deed of Darkness’ and ‘A Designing Aristocrat’ by J Ruffini, ‘Lotta Schmidt’ and ‘The Misfortunes of Frederic Pickering’ by Anthony Trollope, ‘The Mortal Immortal’ by Marguerite A Power, ‘A Recollection’ and ‘The Poet at his Wife’s Grave’ by M Betham-Edwards, ‘Diana’ by Sarah Tytler and much more;